Book Review: ‘The Guilty One: A Novel’ By Bill Schweigart

Six months ago, office Cal Farrell was one of the first on the scene of an active shooter, and got credit for stopping him. Only problem is, he doesn’t remember doing it. And today he’s seeing a shrink, and has been promoted to Detective. And while out on a run he sees a body hanging high from a tree, and calls it in, and knows who it is, a man named Tiny that he had under arrest that fatal night of the active shooter. Then more bodies start being found, and Cal notices a disturbing pattern about the murders, and ties to Cal, who becomes a suspect. So Cal must go on the offensive to prove that he is innocent. The novel uses a then and now story, that works great here. The character of Cal is well-written, and the thriller keeps you engaged right to the end. Hopefully we’ll have more Cal Farrell novels in the future.

You can pick up The Guilty One in stores on Tuesday, March 21st from Crooked Lane.

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