Book Review: ‘The Guilt Trip: A Novel’ By Sandie Jones

Six people are off to Portugal for a wedding and not everyone will return from what turns out to be a time of lies, betrayals, secret hook-ups and death. It has to be another Sandie Jones novel. She excels on these kind of twisty, character driven novels that keep you hooked into reading, right up to the final twist.

For Will it’s a happy time. He’s marrying Ali, the woman of is dreams. Along for the trip are his brother Jack and his wife Rachel and friends Noah and Paige. Things don’t start off well as Ali can’t find her passport at first. Then they get there and the dislike of Ali hits a fever pitch. Jack, Rachel, Noah and Paige don’t like her. They catch her in lies and soon she’s telling tales. And when secrets are slowly revealed among the four of them, no one is sure who to believe. Then a shocking event takes place and someone ends up dead. Just who has been telling the truth and who has been lying?

You can pick up The Guilt Trip in stores on Tuesday, August 3rd from Minotaur Books.

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