Book Review: ‘The Great Unexpected’ Is A Heartwarming Tale About A Man In A Nursing Home

Joel lives in a nursing home now and has for years now. His wife also lived there but she passed away a couple of years ago. He misses her terribly. The man who took over her bed in his room has been in a coma now for these two years. He finally passes and now Joel has another new roommate. A man named Frank, a former soap opera actor and a man who has a fun attitude but can be annoying. Joel does not want to like him but he does.

They become friends and even escape the nursing home to go out and have fun (it gets them into trouble though). Joel is becoming increasingly angry about living here and being told what to do all the time and when to do it. He decides he wants to die by his birthday in a month. He has a daughter and grandchildren that come visit but it’s not enough for him. He asks Frank to help him.

Franks agrees but says Joel needs to plan something big. The more they hangout and go on their adventures, the more Joel becomes alive again. He still wants to end his live though. But tragedy strikes and Joel starts to re-evaluate things and maybe he doesn’t want to die after all.

A thoroughly enjoyable story filled with great characters, a lot of LOL moments and the power of friendship and family and how honesty can be the best medicine in somebodies life. A really well done novel by author Dan Mooney.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from Park Row Books.

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