Book Review: ‘The Goodbye Coast: A Philip Marlove Private Detective Novel’ By Joe Ide

Author Joe Ide has taken the private eye character of Philip Marlowe (Raymond Chandler’s Detective) and modernized him for today and the results are great. The character is really well-written and at times you just think he’s such a dick and an ass but is a lot of fun to read and follow along with. Philip Marlowe wanted to be a cop like his father but didn’t last very long in the academy. So he did the next best thing, he became a private detective. He gets a job with A-list actress Kendra James, whose husband was killed just six weeks ago. But she needs him to find her stepdaughter, who is 17 years old. He doesn’t much like Kendra but takes the case and soon learns the real reason Kendra wants him to find her. He also has a second case trying to find the 7-year old son of a British woman, whos ex-husband has kidnapped him. And on top of everything else we follow along with his disfunctional relationship with his cop dad, who helps him with his cases and Philip will also help him. Here’s hoping for more books with these two characters.

You can pick up The Goodbye Coast in stores on Tuesday, February 1st from Mulholland Books.

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