Book Review: ‘The Good Lie: A Novel’ By A.R. Torre

The Bloody Heart Serial killer has been striking the Los Angeles area for months now. And he currently has 17 year-old Scott Harden. But on this night Scott has escaped and is back home telling his story. For defense attorney Robert Kavin it hits hard because his son was one of the victims. A teacher from Scott’s school is arrested and charged. But something doesn’t add up for Robert and he decides to offer to defend the suspect. He enlists Dr. Gwen Moore, an expert on killers to help with his defense and to see if this guy could be guilty or is being set up. Dr. Gwen has her own issues lately with a patient that was threatening to kill his wife and then she is dead and so is he. But there’s a lot more going on her. Everyone has secrets and it all comes to a head with shocking reveals and people lives in jeopardy.

The novel starts off strong and keeps it up as you read along. There are twists and turns and suspensful moments that will keep you engaged right to the very end.

You can pick up The Good Lie in stores on Tuesday, July 20.

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