Book Review: ‘The Girls Weekend: A Novel’ By Jody Gehrman

The last thing June Moody wants to see on her phone is a group text from Sadie MacTavish inviting her for a girls weekend to celebrate Amy’s baby. It includes Em and Kimiko. Five friends from college that were thick as thieves. The only one June has really stayed friends with is Em. She won’t commit to going right away. She actually makes plans with boyfriend Pete to go camping and surfing that same weekend. Then Pete dumps her via text (really who does that?). This leaves June no excuse not to go.

June is not looking forward to this. She has history with Sadie and part of it has to do with Sadie’s husband Ethan, who June was almost engaged to before Sadie. Sadie is a famous author and very rich. She’s also controlling and frankly a bitch. When they arrive they meet her 17 year old daughter Dakota and learn that Ethan will be at the beach house all weekend.

Then one night the girls all get wasted beyond belief (except Amy) and the next morning they wake up and can’t remember what happened the night before. They find blood and Sadie is missing. Her car is gone and her phone is still in the house. They look all around for her and wait before they call the police. Everyone is a suspect and had motive for wanting Sadie dead.

As the next couple of days progress the police are investigating, shocking secrets are revealed and a dramatic showdown takes place where lives will be on the line.

A good if not predicable thriller from author Jody Gehrman. There’s enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged but pay attention and you will probably figure out who is responsible before it’s revealed.

You can pick up The Girls Weekend in stores on Tuesday, August 11th from Crooked Lane Books.

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