Book Review: ‘The Girl With The Broken Heart’ By Lurlene McDaniel

Author Lurlene McDaniel is back with her next Young Adults novel dealing with someone that has a condition that can change her life. She’s been writing these novels for years now since she found out her son has juvenile diabetes. It’s my first time reading one of her books. It’s uplifting, not preachy and very realistic look at issues that people have to deal with everyday. It’s also a story of love and forgiveness and putting the pieces back together after a tragedy. Communication is the key to getting over sadness.

Kenzie Caine is going to school at Vanderbilt University and has decided to work with abused horses at Bellmeade Estates over the summer instead of going home to spend with her family. Kenzie loves horses, she grew up with them. She wants to be a vet and this is a great opportunity for her. She’s also estranged with her dad and her mom is still suffering from depression over the suicide of Kenzie’s younger sister. Kenzie also has a heart condition that she needs to keep an eye on.

She’s gets an assistant named Austin Boyd to work with her. Austin has secrets and reports to a mysterious person about Kenzie. He has a job to do where she’s concerned. They soon grow close and Austin wants out of his deal but is told he has to continue with what he’s doing. As the summer goes along Kenzie becomes close to the people around her and closer to Austin. When tragedy strikes both of them, secrets come out and we learn what Austin’s been up to and Kenzie has to decide what her future will be.

The story captures the effects of heart disease, young love and almost anything you ever wanted to know about horses, including something called soring (which I wasn’t aware of). It’s an educational story as well as well as a story of hope.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, December 18th from Delacorte Press.

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