Book Review: ‘The Girl He Used To Know’ Might Be One Of The Best Books All Year

The Girl He Used To Know by author Tracey Garvis Graves (a New York Times Bestselling Author) might be one of the best books all year. One of the lead characters Annika is a tour-de-force of a woman, who has issues, yet lives everyday the best she can and you find yourself rooting for her throughout the book.

The story is about two people Annika and Jonathan and their love story from college ten years ago and their chance meeting ten years later. Annika is not your typical girl. She hasn’t been around a lot and when it comes to everyday things in life she is not prepared. She was bullied in school and is shy and reserved. Off to college and thank goodness for her roommate Janice, who takes her under her wings and looks out for her and teaches her life lessons.

Annika loves chess and joins a chess league on Sunday nights. She’s real good and it’s an escape for her. It’s where she meets the handsome Jonathan. They start playing chess and soon they are going out. She has never had a boyfriend before or had sex. They go slow and he likes all her quirkiness. They are opposites but a like as well and really complement each other. They have their moments when Jonathan doesn’t understand things with her that she herself is not sure how to handle.

They fall in love and make plans to move to New York after college. Then a tragedy strikes which tears them apart. Jonathan goes off to New York and Annika tells him it’s over and moves on with her life. Then ten years later they run into each other in a coffee shop in Chicago. They agree to meet up for coffee and forge a new friendship/relationship and take it slowly and see what happens. They decide that slow isn’t good and move full ahead. But then tragedy again could tear them apart for good.

It’s a great love story with two well-written characters that you want to make it together and have a life together. The story flashes back to the college meeting and to them meeting again in present time and you learn their history from the beginning to their breakup.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, April 2nd from St. Martin’s Press.

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