Book Review: ‘The Girl From Berlin’ Is The Next Exciting Liam Taggart And Catherine Lockhart Adventure

Author Ronald H. Balson is back with his next Liam Taggart(private investigator) and Catherine Lockhart lawyer) adventure, this time taking them to Tuscany to help out an old friend and his 78 year old aunt Gabi, who is about to lose her home.

Being invited out to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant seems like some sort of set up for Liam and Catherine. And it is. They are being asked to go to Tuscany to help her save her home and land from a ruthless corporation that owns all the land around her. She has lived here her entire life and claims she owns the land. The deeds say different and a judge rules she must vacate.

Catherine and Liam agree to go and check it out. With very little proof and Catherine not being a lawyer in Italy doesn’t help. But Catherine is given an old book/manuscript which may contain the information she needs. It’s written by Ada Baumgarten, who was born in Berlin in 1918. It’s her life story about playing music and living in Nazi Germany at the rise of Hitler and the hatred of the Jewish people. She and her mother have to flee and lose their father in the process. As Catherine and Liam read the book they discover the vital information they may need to save the land and proof that everything has been a farce before it’s too late for everyone.

This is the follow up to last year’s The Trust. My first time reading one of Ronald’s books with this pair and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love these type of stories which involve taking place in the present and flashing back to the past and weaving the story together by the end. A satisfying story with likable characters.

You can pick up The Girl From Berlin in stores on Tuesday, September 17th in paperback, from St. Martins Press.

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