Book Review: ‘The Gift Of The Magpie’ Is The Next Fun Meg Langslow Novel

It’s Christmas time in Caerphilly and Meg Langslow has her hands full. She has family staying at the house, Michael is getting ready for his one man show and Meg is in charge of the Helping Hands for the Holidays project, helping neighbors that need it the most. One of the projects is Harvey the Hoarder, who has so much stuff in his run down house. Meg gets him to agree to let them clean out the house and put stuff in storage that he can go through, so they can fix up things in the house.

Harvey’s family has a long history in the town and he has family that wants the house believing there’s hidden treasure there. And sure enough one morning Harvey is found dead and a list of suspects is formed. The police begin their investigation and Meg is right along to assist like she usually does.

And if that’s not enough her Grandfather and Rose are at odds over his Magpie birds. They escaped the zoo and she has been feeding them at her house and he wants them back but she doesn’t want to help him take them back. These are special birds that bring her gifts.

Another solid Meg Langslow novel featuring one of the best cast of characters in any continuing novel series. These books are always fund to read and this Christmas themed one is no exception. They’re written like stand alone stories so anyone can jump right in and start reading.

You can pick up The Gift Of The Magpie in stores on Tuesday, October 20th form Minotaur Books.

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