Book Review: ‘The German Wife: A Novel’ By Kelly Rimmer

I am a big fan of historical fiction novels and I learn something new each time I read one. No one writes them better than authro Kelly Rimmer. She finds things that I’ve never heard of before and writes about it beautifully. Her latest is about a secret project that took place during WWII with the Germans and then the Americans taking top Nazi Germans to work on an American Project. The year is 1930 and two worlds and two families each have their own strugles going on. In Alabama Lizzy and her family own a farm but there’s a big drought and the great depression are affecting their lively hood. In Germany the Nazi party and Hitler are coming to power and for the Rhodes family if means a big-time job for Jürgen, working in the rocket program for Germany. Neither he nor his wife Sophie support the Reich but they must keep quiet. In 1950 Jürgen is in Alabama, having been recruited by the Americans and it’s time for Sophie and her children to finally join him after five long years and rebuild their lives in a new country. There’s a German community there but the Americans who live there are not so happy about these Germans being here. Lizzy and her brother Henry make life difficult for them and it leads to shocking violence. We follow both families over the 20 years through WWII and Lizzie and Hendry’s lifes and to the time when both families world’s collide.
If you’re a fan of historical fiction it doesn’t get any better than this.

You can pick up The German Wife in stores on Tuesday, June 28th from Graydon House.

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