Book Review: ‘The Garden Of Promises And Lies: A Found Things Novel’ By Paula Brackston

Xanthe is a spinner. She’s able to go back and forth in time. She usually goes to places that call to her via found items that sing to her. There’s also other spinners and not all are good. Benedict is someone that has been chasing her and wants a book for spinners, and has followed her back to her time. And he’s causing problems for her. While at an auction event a wedding dress calls to her and she gets it and takes it home. It has something to do with a wedding in 1815 that involves Benedict. She also learns she can take others with her on these spins. She finally confides in her mother and then Liam, the man who is interested in her, about what she’s been up to. She needs to go to 1815 and confront Benedict once and for all and figure out what the dress wants. Liam agrees to go with her. She has it out with Benedict once and for all and then there’s a shocking betrayal, one that sets up the next novel in the series.

These books are great. This is book number three in the series and it’s as good as the first two, which doesn’t always happen as a series moves along. And with the shocking conclusion of this one, I am so ready for the next novel. If you’re a fan of time-travel adventures this is the series for you.

You can pick up The Garden Of Promises And Lies in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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