Book Review: ‘The Furies: A Novel’ By Katie Lowe

It’s 1998 and the Elm Hollow Academy is letting out for summer. Everyone is shocked when one of their own is found dead on the grounds, with no known signs of death. We see Violet talking about it 20 years later and she takes us back in time to the next semester when school started up again. She is now a student at Elm Hollow. She’s hoping to start over after tragedies have affected her life.

But this school is not so easy. She knows no one and making friends isn’t easy. That is until Robin befriends her along with Alex, Grace and one of their teachers Annabelle (who leads an advance study group in secret). It’s about the history of the school which reportedly involved witches. The girls themselves especially Robin gets an old book of rituals and spells and they decide to try and use some of them to take care of grudges, using the history of the school and the Furies. And soon people die and secrets are revealed and the question is asked was it because of the magic of the furies or just plain dumb luck?

The story starts off strong and has some good twists and turns as you read it. The story of young women who obviously have issues is used as a catalysis for the story. Strong characters and the potential presence of magic make for an intense psychological thriller.

You can pick up The Furies in stores on Tuesday, October 8th from St. Martin’s Press.

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