Book Review: ‘The Friends We Keep’ Is A Great Summer Novel About 3 Life Long Friends

Evvie, Maggie and Topher all meet at the beginning of their college career in England and become fast friends. They’re inseparable and even after college they swear to be friends forever. But the years go by and they live their lives getting together and staying in touch becomes harder. And one of them has a major secret that could blow the friendship out of the water.

After college Evvie becomes a super-model. Topher becomes an actor and works on a soap. Maggie is still in England and works in PR. Each have issues and problems over the years and none of them have ever seem to be completely happy. Years later they reunite in England and move back in together to console and be with each other. But the past can never stay buries and Topher and Evvie both have secrets that come out and it could be the end of the trio of friendship.

This is a story of three people and their lives. It’s a story of friendship, love and betrayal. It’s everyday life with a few twists and turns along the way. A great summer read.

You can pick up The Friends We Keep in stores by Jane Green on Tuesday, June 4th from Berkley.

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