Book Review: ‘The Fortnight In September: A Novel’ By R.C. Sherriff

The Stevens family has been traveling to the coast of England, at Bognor Regis and they stay at the same place every year, since Mr. and Mrs. Stevens got married and had their honeymoon there 20 years ago. The tradition has remained every year since with the family and kids. The holiday starts the night before with a big dinner, a checklist and packing and leaving early the next morning. They have annual traditions each year with the trip. They’re creatures of habit and we follow them along each day on their adventures to the ocean. It’s like a reality show, as we watch them over the 15 days on this trip getting refreshed, meeting new people and just enjoying their Holiday and doing the yearly re-evaluation of their lives. This book was first released 90 years ago and is being re-release on September 7th. It’s sharply written and a real joy to read. No shocking twists and turns or murders or demons, just real life and it’s fun to follow and watch this family on their vacation. Highly recommended.

You can pick up The Fortnight In September in stores on Tuesday, September 7th from Scribner.

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