Book Review: ‘The Forgotten Home Child: A Novel’ By Genevieve Graham

Based on a true story about British Home Children (something I have never known about), author Genevieve Graham has written a heart-warming about a group of young teenage kids that were sent to Canada from England to work farms until they are 18, during the 1930’s. They had no idea what they were in for in these new homes. They were close like family and were all separated, hoping to one day be reunited.

The story is set starting in 2018 with 97 year old Winnifred Elis living with her Granddaughter and Great Grandson. They want to know about their family history. Something Winnifred has never talked about. And she has quite the story to tell. She tells them everything about her time in England and then being sent to Canada. The story goes follows the group of kids that were sent over and we learn their fates over the years. And it’s quite the story she has to related.

There’s children, reunions, war and death and the reader is taken on an emotional roller-coaster as the story is told. Make sure to have a box of kleenex handy as you read. One of the best books I have read so far this year.

You can pick up The Forgotten Home Child in stores on Tuesday, March 3rd.

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