Book Review: ‘The Forgotten Cottage: A Novel’ By Courtney Ellis

A tale of two different eras, highlights this heart-warming story, as one woman goes looking for answers to her families mysterious past, in a small town house in England. In 2014 Audrey Collins head to England to check out the house that was left to her in her Grandmother’s will, she died a month ago and Audrey was taking care of her. She has plans to hopefully learn about her mysterious life, as Grans never talked about her past and to sell the house. In 1915 we follow along with Lady Emilie Dawes, the Great-Grandmother of Audrey and we follow along in real-time her story set during the early days of WWI. As Audrey investigates in the present, we learn the shocking secrets that will come to light for Audrey and fill in the blanks of her past and allow her to move forward in the present. Another good book to add to your summer reading list.

You can pick up The Forgotten Cottage in stores on Tuesday, August 9th from Berkley.

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