Book Review: ‘The Forbidden Door’ Is The Next Exciting Chapter Of Jane Hawk

Book number five in the Jane Hawk series finds Jane on the run still and trying to get to her son Travis before the Arcadians, a secret society, that uses injections of nanoconstructs, used to control people, get to him. After the last book ending she knows they are closing in on him.

The war is going on in Texas as well. They are closing in on Jane’s in-laws in Texas as they look to inject them to try and get information on Jane. But they keep outsmarting the bad guys there frustrating them to no end. Meanwhile Jane calls in some old friends and they make a plan to go and get Travis. But first Jane must outwit Ivan, who is right on her tail looking to grab her and bring her in. Jane outwits him and is soon on her way.

She comes up with a plan to try and get to her son but it won’t be easy as the Arcadians (who are using their real FBI/Homeland Security covers) are swarming the area. There’s also a problem with the new nano injections not working correctly and causing people to go crazy and not being able to be under control.

Jane makes her move in a very ingenious way and goes to get Travis or die trying (and I think you know how this will turn out).

The installment is a three story approach (based on three locations) and pits Jane’s cunning against the Arcadians. It being book five it does make me wonder how much longer the story will go on. This seemed like a holding pattern until the next book (out May 14). Not sure how many books this is going but hopefully the next one will move the story forward in a big way.

Like the first four books this one is an enjoyable read as Jane Hawk is a bad ass. You can pick it up in stores now.

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