Book Review: ‘The First Mistake’ Is A Great Follow Up To The Other Woman By Sandie Jones

Author Sandie Jones is back with the follow up to her smash book last year titled The Other Woman. Her second novel The First Mistake is as good or better than her first novel. The story starts off fast and continues with lots of twists and turns you don’t see coming, leading up to climatic finale that literally takes you to the last page and last word. With her second thrilling novel author Sandie Jones has cemented herself as an author to watch for many years to come.

Alice is married to her second husband Nathan and has two kids. She has a successful business and things seem to be going good. Her first husband died in a tragic accident and it threw her for a loop. She had a breakdown and it took a lot to get her out it. Now ten years later she is on the verge of taking her business to the next level.

Beth is her best friend for the last few years. She has a little girl the same age as Alice’s youngest daughter. Things are starting to change now. Alice notices changes in Nathan. She thinks he might be having an affair. And Alice still thinks about Tom and sees a Facebook page that makes it seem like he is still alive.

But things take a real turn when Alice and Beth realize they one major thing in common and it rocks both of their worlds. And then when Beth finally meets Alice’s husband Nathan things really get strange and soon not everything is as it seems and someone might not survive at the end. (Trying to write this as spoiler free as possible!).

If you are ready for great thrill ride pick up The First Mistake in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from Minotaur Books.

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