Book Review: ‘The First Ladies: A Novel’ By Marie Benedict And Victoria Christopher Murray

In 1927 Eleanor Roosevelt has a luncheon for top women in the country, and invites Mary McLeod Bethune, a black woman, who runs a very successful school. The other women attending are outraged to have to eat with he, but Eleanor stands her ground. It leads to a friendship, and respect between the two women. They work together to change horrible laws against black people, and women. Eleanor tries to use her influence with her husband when he becomes president. Eleanor soon gets threats, and won’t back down for what she thinks is right, and working right alongside Mary. This is an intense, well-written historical fiction novel about two strong women, who only want to do what’s right for everyone. I had never known about Mary, and reading about both their lives gives me new insight into Eleanor and FDR as well, that’s why I love to read these type of novels. Fans of this genre will love this one.

You can pick up The First Ladies in stores on Tuesday, June 27th from Berkley.

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