Book Review: ‘The Favorite Daughter: A Novel’ By Patti Callahan Henry

How do you forgive a family betrayal? For Lena Donahue that is the question. Ten years ago on her wedding day to Walter she found her sister Hallie kissing her finance. Lena fled the church and the small southern town she lived in and moved on. She fled to New York where she got a job in journalism. Over the years she talked to her family and even went back and visited when she had to but always avoided her sister (who ended up marrying Walter six months after Lena’s non-wedding). She even has two nieces she has never met.

Now everything is about to change. When her brother Shane calls and tells her that their father is has alzheimer’s she must return to where it all happened. She’s not sure how she will deal with her sister and Walter but knows she has to be there for her dad. And he is in rough shape. His disease is worse than they thought.

Being back home opens up all the old wounds and when researching a memory book for their father opens up a long held secret that will shock the family. And both Lena and Hallie will see the truth about Walter and it will help bring them closer together. And Lena may finally open up her heart again for love. Will the family be able to band together for the sake of their father?

A well-written story of betrayal, secrets and family. How do you forgive and forget? That’s the core of the story but also the love of you family is also what can bring everyone together. With some fun twists and turns this is a good summer novel to read.

You can pick up The Favorite Daughter in stores on Tuesday, June 4th from Berkley.

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