Book Review: ‘The Family Upstairs’ Is The Next Thrilling Lisa Jewell Novel

New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Jewell is back with her follow up to last years awesome book Then She Was Gone. Her new book The Family Upstairs is a page-turning mystery with lots of twists and turns right up to the very end. A perfect fall book and another winner for Lisa.

Libby Jones was adopted when she was one year old. She never knew much about her real family. Her adopted family is great. She has turned 25 and receives a letter in the mail. One she has been waiting for a long time to arrive. It is from a solicitor (lawyer). She has inherited the family home and learns who her real parents are. It’s a fancy house in a post section of Chelsea.

16 Cheyne Lane has pretty much been vacant for all these years. It is known for Libby being found in the house with three dead bodies 25 years ago. It’s believed their was a suicide pact with the three bodies found and a note asking that the baby go to a good home. Libby goes to the house but doesn’t find much but a broken down place. She thinks she hears someone in the house.

She soon calls a reporter who wrote a big story on the house a few years ago and together they go and start investigating the house and soon find someone that lived there and start to learn the story of the house. In flashbacks we learn the story, the people that lived there and what happened that fateful day. And Libby is in for the shock of her life when she finally learns all the truths and people from the past appear and everyone’s lives will change forever when the truths come out.

You can pick up The Family Upstairs in stores on Tuesday, November 5th from Atria.

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