Book Review: ‘The Familiar Dark: A Novel’ By Amy Engel

Two 12 year girls are murdered in the small town of Missouri Ozarks and one mother will not rest until she finds the killer.

Eve Taggert is at work at the diner when her brother Cal comes in and she can tell something doesn’t seem right. He breaks the news that her 12 year old daughter Junie and her friend Izzy had been murdered. She can’t believe it and wants answers. There’s not suspects at the moment and Eve is determined to find out who the murderer is. She finds a clue in her daughter’s diary and that means she has to talk and deal with people she would rather not. This includes her mother and Jimmy Ray. Two people she would rather not deal with. But her mother tells her to suck it up and find the killer and even helps her out.

As Eve digs things happen. The Sheriff warns her off. An explosion takes out a potential suspect. And then another tip may point to one person she would never suspect. And it leads to a drastic showdown and possible justice for Junie and Izzy.

A solid thriller with twists and turns that keep you engaged in the story, leading up to the shocking climax of the novel. Never underestimate a mother’s love and need for justice. It asks the question how far would you go to avenge your child’s death? In the case of Eve you root for her the whole way.

You can pick up The Familiar Dark in stores on Tuesday, March 31st From Dutton.

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