Book Review: ‘The Eyes Of The Queen: An Agents Of Crown Novel’ By Oliver Clements

The year is 1572 and a young Queen Elizabeth is England’s ruler. In a time where people seem content, a war is brewing for anyone not choosing the Catholic religion. Spain is killing people and trying to expand their kingdom and reach. For Elizabeth it is a tough time. She has little money and her army is small. And she has Mary Queen Of Scots to deal with.

Mary is in prison and is still plotting to have the Queen killed and be put on the crown as the rightful Queen. She also is a Catholic and it would work to her advantage. To protect Elizabeth one man John Dee must go undercover to find a secret paper that has been taken in France. He is loyal to the Queen as is she to him and it could mean his life.

The story leads up to another plot by Mary and a few loyal men must save the Queen before it’s too late. And with that Her Majesty’s Secret Service is born.

A great historical novel looking at the time of Elizabeth and Mary, that is well written and researched. It;s the first in a series that I am looking forward to. I love this genre and every-time I read one I learn a lot of new things. Fans of this time period will not be disappointed.

You can pick up The Eyes Of The Queen in stores on Tuesday, October 27th from Atria.

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