Book Review: ‘The Exes’ Revenge: A Novel’ Is A Thrilling Page-Turning Thriller

This is author Jo Jakeman’s debut novel and WOW what a novel. It’s everything a thriller should be. Suspense, twists and turns and secrets you don’t see coming and a page-turner of a story. It kicks into high gear right at the beginning and takes you on a high stakes ride right to the very end. With such a great debut she will be a writer to watch for years to come.

There’s an old saying Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned. In the case of Phillip it’s 3 women. Imogen (his current wife) who is divorcing him and is the mother of his son Alistair. Naomi the current young girlfriend he’s living with. And his ex-wife Ruby.

Philip is a cop and not a nice guy. He’s moody and basically a dick. He’s holding up his divorce with Imogen to get what he wants. He wants her out of the house they own and threatens her for full custody of their son. He’s also abusive to her and to Naomi. When Philip comes to the house and massive fight ensues and Imogen finally gets a spine and it leads to a stunning act that will forever change Imogen, Philip, Naomi and Ruby’s lives (as all three are drawn into it). Secrets will be revealed, lives will be in danger and one of them just might be a double agent. It all leads up to a stunning climax.

To say to much more would be spoiling the story for you. If you’re like me, you won’t want to put the book down, as it’s just that compelling of a story. The prey becomes the hunted, the hunted becomes the prey and the games are off and running. Sit down and enjoy the ride!

You can pick up The Exes’ Revenge, from author Jo Jakeman, in stores on Tuesday, September 11th from Berkley.

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