Book Review: ‘The Endless Vessel: A Novel’ By Charles Soule

A new virus is sweeping the world called The Grey, which makes people depressed. There’s no cure or reason that someone gets it. Lily Barnes has not gotten it, and is off to work. There, her boss shows her something that could change the climate issue in the world, and then fires her. Lily is intrigued by it, and sneaks back to the office to check it out, breaks it, and steals it. It has something in that reminds her of her late father, and she goes on a quest to find answers, answers she may not be ready to know about. A protest group of Grey’s, has also sprung up, and is determined to wipe out the world, and The Grey. Lily soon learns about a mysterious ship, other worlds, a shocking reveal, and just how to save the world. This is another intense novel from author Soule, whose last book The Oracle Year, I really liked. Once you start reading, you will not want to put this book down.

You can pick up The Endless Vessel in stores on Tuesday, June 6 from Harper Perennal.

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