Book Review: ‘The Effort: A Novel’ By Claire Holroyde

A comet named UD3 is headed for earth in months and now it’s up to an international team to try and come up with a way to stop it before it’s too late for the earth. It’s trying to be done in secret but word soon leaks up and the people of the world freak out. Soon everyone is running out of groceries, the internet is down, electricity is gone and it’s general anarchy as people are freaking out about this.

Ben Schwartz is assigned the job of leading the team that will try and stop it. He and his girlfriend are flown to South America and begin work. He has to hope that other countries will join in the effort. The Russians seem to want to go it alone while the Chinese are playing both sides.

We also follow several different characters in different parts of the world as they fight to survive. With no one really knowing what’s going on it will be a matter of time to see if Ben and his team can come up with a solution to save the world.

A solid debut novel from Claire Holroyde, reminiscent of the movies Deep Impact and Armageddon. The following of different people and their viewpoints works here and we follow along as the team tries to come up with answers, under extreme pressure and root for them along the way. You won’t want to put the book down.

You can pick up The Effort in stores on Tuesday, January 12th from Grand Central.

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