Book Review: ‘The Dying Of The Light’ Is A Great Southern Novel

Saratoga was once the greatest house in Virginia. But now it’s in decay and the Cookes cannot afford it anymore. The house has been in the family for generations. It now falls to young Diana in 1919, who is now starting the ball season, to find a rich man she can marry and revive the family heritage of Saratoga.

At the first ball Diana meets a charming, rich man named Captain Copperton. He’s smitten with Diana and tells her right away he’s going to marry her. He wears her down and goes to her father with a deal to save the estate and asks for Diana’s hand in marriage. He agrees and although Diana isn’t sure they get married. After the marriage she soon learns that the Captain isn’t the nice guy he was before the wedding. He’s abusive and controlling. And after Diana has a baby boy named Ashton, it gets worse. After a tragic accident, Diana is widowed and from beyond the grave the Captain is still calling the shots.

Many years later Ashton returns from college with is roommate and takes command of Saratoga. He’s going to restore it to its former glory. But his time away has led to many secrets and soon they come out and no one is left unscarred from what happens. Diana decides to take things into her own hands and what happens next shocking.

Author Robert Goolrick has written a sweeping tale of love, regret, family and Southern Culture highlight this story. Great characters with shocking twists and turns make this a page-turner of a story. Perfect for the beach and your summer reading.

You can pick up The Dying Of The Light in stores on Tuesday, July 3rd from Harper Collins.

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