Book Review: ‘The Drowning Woman: A Novel’ By Robyn Harding

Lee lost it all during the pandemic and is homeless, fled New York and a man that was after her, and is now living in the Seattle area, in her car. She has a job working at a greasy diner that doesn’t pay much, trying to get back on her feet. Hazel is married, and has an abusive, dominating, rich, husband, and she wants free of him. On this night, she tries to drown herself in the ocean, but Lee is there and saves her. They strike up a friendship and make plans for Hazel to escape from her husband. Lee says she will, and then things spin out of control, when someone is murdered, and a whole plot is revealed, Never trust strangers, and Lee will learn this the hard way. This is a perfect, twisty, psychological novel, that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Fans of thrillers will love this one.

It’s in stores on Tuesday, June 13th from Grand Central.

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