Book Review: ‘The Drift: A Novel’ By C.J. Tudor

I am a big fan of author C.J. Tudor, who never, ever writes a bad book. Her newest one, The Drift, is a mind-blowing novel about a pandemic sweeping the world, and three groups of people struggling to survive on the way to a special place. There are a lot of twists and turns you will never see coming, and I am usually good at this. This is her sixth novel, and it may very well be her best novel so far. It will surely be on top-ten lists at the end of the year. I normally write my synopses of the story, but will be using what the book company put out to avoid any spoilers. Stephen King, Harlan Coben, and Lee Child rave about this book!!

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, January 31st from Ballantine.

Hannah awakens to carnage, all mangled metal and shattered glass. Evacuated from a secluded boarding school during a snowstorm, her coach careened off the road, trapping her with a handful of survivors. They’ll need to work together to escape—with their sanity and secrets intact.

Meg awakens to a gentle rocking. She’s in a cable car stranded high above snowy mountains, with five strangers and no memory of how they got on board. They are heading to a place known only as “The Retreat,” but as the temperature drops and tensions mount, Meg realizes they may not all make it out of there alive.

Carter is gazing out of the window of an isolated ski chalet that he and his companions call home. As their generator begins to waiver in the storm, the threat of something lurking in the chalet’s depths looms larger, and their fragile bonds will be tested when the power finally fails—for good.

The imminent dangers faced by Hannah, Meg, and Carter are each one part of the puzzle. Lurking in their shadows is an even greater danger—one that threatens to consume all of humanity.

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