Book Review: ‘The Dressmakers Of Prospect Heights: A Novel’ By Kitty Zeldis

The year is 1924 and in Brookly, New York, three women’s lives are about to change. Beatrice and her young 16 year old ward Alice have moved her from New Orleans. Bea as she goes by use to be a madam and owned a brothel, until the city made them illegal. She has moved her for a personal reason, to find Catherine. She opens a dress shop and rents a place not far from where Catherine lives and the shop becomes very successful. Catherine even comes in one day and buys a dress. Catherine is married and trying to have a baby, until tragedy strikes. When Bea and Catherine become close and Bea tells her secret, Alice feels left out and takes off to the city, where something happens to her. When the secrets start coming out, all three women will have to face them and their lives will be forever changed. This is a really well-written, character driven novel, told from the point of view in each chapter of one of the characters. It takes place over the span of a year and you root for these three as you read along. A great end of the year novel.

You can pick up The Dressmakers Of Prospect Heights in stores on Tuesday, December 6th from Harper.

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