Book Review: ‘The Dressmakers Of Auschwitz: The True Story Of The Women Who Sewed To Survive’ By Lucy Adlington

A lot of people had to do a lot of things in order to survive the holocaust. For 25 women that were in Auschwitz if meant making clothes for the rich, elite Nazi women. It was there only way to survive working 10-12 hour days. It was put together by Hedwig Hoss, who was the wife of the commander of the camp and it was named Upper Tailoring Studio. Author Lucy Adlington has done her research and also interview the last known survivor of the studio and learns her story and that of the others. The clothing was so important to the Nazi women and these women that worked in the studio had their lives saved at the time. It’s a fascinating look at these women and history and how things were in the camp during the time the women were there.

You can pick up The Dressmakers Of Auschwitz in stores on Tuesday, September 14th from Harper Paperbacks.

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