Book Review: ‘The Dream Peddler’ Is Good Debut Novel

Dreams we all have them when we sleep. So are good and some are bad. Some we remember and some we don’t. Imagine you could somewhat control your dreams and dream of what you would like to dream about. Would you do it? The Dream Peddler might be able to help you.

On the day that young Ben, son of Evie and George goes missing, a mysterious man named Robert Owens arrives in town. The search is on for Ben, while Robert lets it be known he’s in town and that he is the Dream Peddler. A man who can help you dream what you would like for a small fee. He makes a potion, you drink it and then have the dream. He doesn’t guarantee they will happen the way you want or if at all. He offers a money back guarantee. Soon business is booming. People are asking for all sorts of different dreams. It also worries people in town that he’s doing this and some think he is a fake.

After Evie suffers a loss she turns to Robert to help her stop dreaming. The other people in town are facing their dreams and consequences of them. Good or bad this town has been changed by the man known as the Dream Peddler.

It’s a great debut novel which makes you ask the question would you try and control your dreams? I would personally as I for some reason have really bizarre dreams every night. With twists and turns and a heartfelt story at its core about family and friends, this debut is well worth reading.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, April 9th from Penguin Books.

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