Book Review: ‘The Dream Daughter: A Novel’ By Diane Chamberlain Is One Woman’s Attempt To Save Her Daughter

You’re pregnant with your first child. Your husband has been killed in the Vietnam war. It’s 1970 and you’re told you baby is in trouble with a heart problem and will not survive. It’s not like today where medicine is advanced and people are able to be saved from medical issues. Carly is freaking out then her brother-in-law Hunter tells you he knows a way that could possibly save your baby. And you hear the story and you think he’s out of his freaking mind. He shows you proof and says it could be the only way to save your baby. And you are desperate to save your unborn child that you agree to go along with it. There are certain conditions and things you have to worry about. It may not always be safe. But you agree to it and it sets you on a journey that could potentially be deadly for you and change your future outcome.

So is the story of author Diane Chamberlain’s new novel The Dream Daughter (St. Martin’s Press…out Tuesday, October 2). It’s a page-turning story of Carly’s attempt to save her future child Joanna in a way that may never have been done before and may never be done again. Every page and chapter advances the story and you root for Carly every step of the way even when things don’t always look bright for her. Then a few major twists by the end of the story and you’re like I never saw that coming. That’s the mark of a great story.

* I am vague about some of the story as to not spoil it for anyone even though I was told I could reveal a bit more. But the surprise of how this all comes about is too good to ruin it. So try not to read too much about the book before you read it.

It is another great book in the career of Diane Chamberlain. In stores Tuesday, October 2nd.

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