Book Review: ‘The Downstairs Neighbor’ Is A Solid Debut Thriller For Author Helen Cooper

This is the debut novel from author Helen Cooper and it’s quite the thriller. A twisty tale of secrets, murder and revenge that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats throughout, with twist after twist revealed. More novels like this and Helen Cooper will be one to watch in the future.

One house with three sets of residents. On the bottom is Chris, who teaches people to drive, along with his wife. In the middle is Emma, who lives alone now after her son moved out and on top is Paul and Steph, along with their 17 year-old daughter Freya. And then Freya disappears without any type of warnings or clues. And then we learn that all the residents have secrets and anyone of them can be part of Freya’s being missing. And as secrets are revealed from all involved, we learn of a shocking event that took place 25 years ago and how it might relate to what’s happening today, all leading to a stunning climax. What really happened to Freya?

You can pick up The Downstairs Neighbor in stores on Tuesday, Febraury 16.

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