Book Review: ‘The DNA Of You And Me’ Is A Great Scientific Love Story

The DNA Of You And Me is the debut novel from author Andrea Rothman. It brings together science and a love story between two researchers that brings together and ultimately may pull apart two Emily and Aeden.

The story starts out in present day when Emily finds out she’s winning a big award for his research. She then thinks back to how her career started and we go back to her being hired by Justin to research how smell is processed and affects the brain. What she doesn’t know is that Aeden is already doing this project. So Emily wonders why she was hired. And she is made to feel like an outsider. When it looks like Aeden’s research is about to pay off, Emily goes through it and sees it is not right.

When Aeden is told about this Emily is put on he project and it makes Aeden mad. He and Emily don’t have a good relationship until they talk one day and they break the ice and actually start to get along. It leads to something more and soon they are closer than ever. They are on the path to something special it seems and each lets down their guards. But Aeden gets a job offer somewhere else and wants Emily to go with her. She is not sure and then a betrayal seals their fate and then decisions must be made that will make a future together seem doubtful.

This is a great debut novel looking at two people that have issues but try to overcome them. You root for the characters and want them to be together if a world where people want success. The story has a lot of science talk about codes and genes. I didn’t understand a lot of it, even though it was explained. I overlooked a lot of the science talk and focused on the characters and their love story.

Author Andrea Rothman has a bright future ahead of herself if she keeps writing books like this. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, March 12th from William Morrow.

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