Book Review: ‘The Dinner List: A Novel’ Might Be One Of The Best Books Of The Year

There are times when you get asked a hypothetical question like what would you go back and tell your younger self or who would you marry, kill and sleep with. One question that I have gotten asked is who would you like to have dinner with dead or alive? Well in Author Rebecca Serle’s new book The Dinner List that is part of the plot of the novel. It’s Sabrina’s birthday dinner and five people from her list are at the restaurant waiting for her. Including Audrey Hepburn and her Father (both are dead) but alive and kicking at dinner. Also her best friend Jessica, an old College Professor and her former/current boyfriend Tobias (it’s complicated).

Sabrina is shocked when she gets there and sees everyone. How has this happened? So dinner starts and there’s lots of tension among the people. Secrets are revealed, hashed out and old grudges and hurts come to light. We also get the backstory on the romance of Sabrina and Tobias from the time she saw him at college to them running into each other in NY years later. As the dinner goes along things get more shocking and complicated.

Without giving away any spoilers things are not all that the seem at the dinner but it does give time to put the past hurts in the past and move on into the future. So next time someone asks you who you would want to have for dinner think long and hard about it. It could make for an interesting evening.

Author Rebecca Serle is a Hollywood writer having been one of forces behind Freeform’s Famous In Love, In five words this book is: Excellent, Original, Breathtaking, Intense and Love. And if you’re wondering about the five words you need to read the book!

It will be in stores on Tuesday, September 11th from Flatiron Books.

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