Book Review: ‘The Devil’s Slave’ Is A Great Followup To The King’s Witch

I love historical fiction novels. And ones about the Royal Family in England are even better. I learn so much about things I never knew before. The Devil’s Slave is the follow-up to The King’s Witch about the time of King James I and his religious beliefs banning Catholicism following Frances Gorges. At the end of the last book Frances Gorges had to watch her lover Tom and one of the leaders of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 hang. The start of the book finds her pregnant with his child. She has left court and hardly anyone knows about this. Her parents have a plan for the baby. That is until Sit Thomas Tyringham shows up and offers to marry her and claim the child as his own. He was friends with Tom and wants to look after her.

After a few years of living in his castle with her son George it is time to go back to the castle. Thomas works with King James on his hunts and Frances go back to being one of Princess Elizabeth’s ladies. But Frances has motives. She is still working to overthrow the King (she has no choice as some people know hew secret). To go back to the castle brings its own problems. She has enemies there that would like nothing better than to see her go down. She does her best to work against the King and soon finds herself in more danger and only a miracle will save her.

This is a historical fiction story based on real people and events that happened then. And what a story it is. If you’re not familiar with this time you should pick up the first book and then this one. There is one more coming in the trilogy. Author Tracy Borman does a great job telling this story with rich characters and setting the scenes for where they are. If almost feels like you are there with them.

You can pick up The Devil’s Slave in stores on Tuesday, September 3rd from Grove Atlantic.

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