Book Review: ‘The Devil’s Ransom: A Pike Logan Novel’ By Brad Taylor

Pike Logan is on an expedition with wife Jennifer, his crew, and daughter, when Afgananstan falls, and two government officials escape, and take a treasure with them. Pike and crew are called to rescue one of them. Meanwhile, back home the US government has been hacked, and is helf for ransom. Pike is then assigned to go and find the hacker, who has been pinpointed near where they are. What they don’t know is this hacker is planning something even bigger, and the traitor is right on the front lines. When Pike losses someone close to him, it sets off a chain of events, and it’s a race across several continents, a string of dead bodies, and a race against time to save the crew, and the International Space Station. Another solid novel of action (he has written better Pike Logan novels then this one though), Pike going against his orders, and a story that is all action, that never lets up. Fans of the series will enjoy this one.

You can pick up The Devil’s Ransom in stores on Tuesday, January 24th from William Morrow.

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