Book Review: ‘The Deserter’ Is A Thrilling Novel From Nelson DeMille & Nelson DeMille

The newest novel from Nelson DeMille & first time novelist Nelson DeMille is a thrilling ride right from the beginning right up the climatic ending. The characters and the story are top-notch and we expect no less from a DeMille novel. You won’t be able to put this one down once you start.

Captain Kyle Mercer went AWOL years ago in Afghanistan from his Delta Unit. He is considered a deserter and was help captive for two years by the Taliban. He managed to escape them and then disappeared. Now he has been spotted in Caracas, Venezuela and now Scott Brodie and Maggie Taylor are being sent to try and find him and bring him back to the United States. These two are ying and yangs. They raz each other and have an underlying sexual attraction to each other.

When they get to Venezuela they find it a rough place to be. Lots of corruption and conditions the country is in. Their adventure takes them to a bad part of the city to a whorehouse and they soon get information where Mercer could be. He is reportedly in the jungle. So Brodie and Taylor head in search of him, not knowing what they may be walking into to.

There adventures in the desert take many twists and turns and soon they are not sure who to trust and that includes each other. Finding Mercer is easy. Saving their lives is a different story and who lives and dies and what truths come out lead to the shocking ending.

You can pick up The Deserter in stores on Tuesday, October 22nd from Simon & Schuster.

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