Book Review: ‘The Daughters Of Temperance Hobbs: A Novel’ By Katherine Howl

Connie Goodwin is an expert on witchcraft. She’s on track to get tenure as a Professor at Northeastern. It’s getting to be the end of the term and she is beyond busy. She still has a book to finish that is long overdue with her publisher. And her boyfriend Sam has proposed for which she has said no for the moment. And now she finds herself pregnant. So much going on. And to top it off she learns that most of the men husbands in her family history have had short lives due to their witchcraft history. She doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Sam.

During her research she discovers one husband out-lasted his wife, the woman who has a portrait in the family home named Temperance and she starts a search to figure out why. The story flashes back to the beginning of the family line and then throughout the years. When Connie discovers the secret to saving Sam, it’s a race against time to find everything she needs to save him.

If you’re a fan of magical stories this is right up your alley. Author Katherine Howl has clearly done her homework in regards to witchcraft and how it was treated over the years. Add a creative plot with characters you care about and you have a fun novel to read.

You can pick up The Daughters Of Temperance Hobbs in stores on Tuesday, June 25 from Henry Holt.

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