Book Review: ‘The Darkest Evening’ Is The Next Thrilling Vera Stanhope Novel

Book number 9 in the Vera Stanhope series is a thrilling mystery murder that takes place during the winter at Christmas time. We also get more backstory on Vera’s family and her past. Ann Cleeves is a master of these stories and the character of Vera is still a force to be reckoned with. With twists and turns that lead to a thrilling climax, readers will not be disappointed.

It’s the Christmas season and the first big snow storm is hitting the area. Vera is on her way home and makes a wrong turn and almost runs into a car that is on the road. One of the doors is wide open and she finds a baby about one year old in the back seat. She doesn’t find the driver and takes the baby and ends up at Blackburn, a place she knows, as it’s where her father grew up. It’s where here ‘distant’ relatives live.

A dinner party is going on and Vera showing up is a shock. Then a woman’s body is found close to the house by a neighbor coming to pick up his daughters and now the house is in an uproar. Vera has to begin the investigation along with her team. Everyone is interviewed and the body is identified. She soon learns shocking secrets about the woman and they’re are any number of suspects and a mystery as to who the father of the baby is.

As Vera and her team investigate they learn all these secrets and another body is discovered. And soon Vera gets a break that takes her to the killer and it could be the end of her.

You can pick up The Darkest Evening in stores on Tuesday, September 8th from Minotaur.

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