Book Review: ‘The Dark Above’ By Jeremy Finley Is A Great Sequel To The Darkest Time Of Night

The Darkest Time Of Night was the critically acclaimed book by Jeremy Finley. Now he is back with the sequel to it with The Dark Above. It continues the story of William Chance and the mysterious lights and people that have disappeared and came back and if it was aliens.

William has been hiding out from his family and everyone else. He is trying to let his past be behind him and living off the grid in a small Arkansas town. That is until he is found out. And now his life is about to be turned upside down. William is also having horrible dreams about floods, fires, hurricanes and other disasters. And these things are happening around the world. Before he can flee Arkansas he meets a little girl named Lily who is drawn to him. She has a power like William. They soon are caught between two groups. A secret Government group and a mysterious other group. He is also with Quincy Martin, a rich man who has conspiracies. They are on the run with the mysterious group.

Soon they are headed to New Orleans where William gets the shock of his life. He also meets Jane, another like him. Soon the feds are after them again because of his Aunt Kate. His Grandmother has also been taken. William meets Ryan, a young boy being held as well with powers. Soon William learns what is going on and why. He soon figures out he is the conduit and how to end this once and for all and he has to face off with the monster in the mountains and it may very well cost him his life to save the planet.

The story starts off strong and never lets up. Great characters and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I didn’t read the first book and it is not necessary to follow what is going on here. Author Jeremy Finley gives enough backstory to understand everything going on. With lots of twists and turns right to the very end, you won’t put this book down.

You can pick up The Dark Above in stores on Tuesday, July 23rd from St. Martin’s Press.

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