Book Review: ‘The Dakota Winters: A Novel’ Looks At One Families Life In The 70’s/Early 80’s

The year is 1979 and Anton Winters is in the Peace Corps and has malaria. He’s forced to return to his family and home in New York City. They live in the famous Dakota in the heart of the city. Anyone who’s anyone lives there including John and Yoko. His father Buddy Winter, a famous talk show host, who had a breakdown and walked off his show and left his family. He has recovered and is ready to get back into the spotlight. He wants Anton to be there with him bu his side. Anton wants to help but is not sure he wants to commit to anything long term.

He soon finds himself drawn into the process of getting Buddy back into show business and make his return to the spotlight. He takes meetings and helps get the ball rolling for his dad. He also becomes good friends with John Lennon and is soon off hanging out with him. When things start to happen for Buddy, Anton is right there by his side but soon loses his passion for his father. Buddy becomes successful again but at what cost to his relationship with his son.

The story also includes Anton’s mom working on Ted Kennedy’s Presidential bid and his brother’s tennis career. It also leads up to the John Lennon’s murder.

The story is at its heart all about family, the events of 1979/1980 and a father/son dynamic. It’s also a good look behind the scenes of TV and the fears about Buddy returning to the spotlight. Will he have the same issues as before? Will his rock Anton be there by his side?

The book is in stores on Tuesday, December 4th from Tom Barbash and is a really enjoyable read.

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