Book Review: ‘The Cutting Room’ Is The Next Exciting Carver And Lake Novel

Detectives Ruth Lake and Greg Carter are back for their second novel and this time they are trying to find the killer dubbed the Ferryman. The killer makes his killing into works of art and uses social media to enhance what he says are works of art. He sometimes live streams them. He has built up quite a following and uses his followers to help promote himself. He’s been very careful about how he does things and there have been no clues to help with the case.

We also hear from the killer throughout the story talking about how he has been doing things. As they investigate Ruth finds out someone close to her could be involved in the killings and possibly be the killer. She takes risks to try and prove that is not true. When they finally catch a break and find out it has to do with an art show they’re able to finally track down who it might be. It leads to a dramatic showdown and who survives it.

Another intriguing tale and a good follow up to the first story Splinter In The Blood. The characters of Lake and Carver are well-written and have good chemistry together. The story is intense with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged right up to the end.

You can pick up The Cutting Room in stores on Tuesday, June 18 from William Morrow.

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