Book Review: ‘The Curious Heart Of Ailsa Rae: A Novel’ By Stephanie Butland

Author Stephanie Butland has written a heart-warming story about a girl who has gotten a new heart and has decided it’s time she can start living her life. Ailsa Rae was born with a heart defect that has affected her all her life. It has gotten worse and now if she doesn’t get a new heart she may die. Then the word comes a heart is available and she has the surgery. Although she feels remorse that someone else had to die, she’s ready to live now.

Through her blog she talks about the things she wants to do and asks her followers to vote on them. She decides she’s going to learn to dance, live by herself and get a job for the first time. She also wants to meet her biological dad, who left when she was a baby and has never met.

She also meets another transplant person in Serb, an actor with some fame in England. They become close and Ailsa adds another layer to living. We also have flashbacks to losing her close friend/first love Lennox a year ago, who needed had a liver condition. The story follows the year from when she got her heart to the first anniversary and everything that happens during that time.

The story at its heart is about organ donation and what a person goes through waiting and receiving a new organ. Ailsa was a lucky one that got a heart and she goes on to live as told in this well-written story of survival. You root for Ailsa and Serb as a couple and for Ailsa to have the life she so wants.

As an aside everyone should sign up for organ donation. As Ailsa points out in the book once you have passed your organs do you no good. You can help someone else that needs the help.

You can pick up The Curious Heart Of Ailsa Rae in stores on Tuesday, October 29th from St. Martin’s Press.

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