Book Review: ‘The Crooked Staircase’ Is The Next Exciting Jane Hawk Thriller

Jane Hawk fans she’s back and taking names and kicking ass in book three of the series. The Crooked Staircase, out Tuesday, May 8th, finds Jane getting closer to the blowing up the Arcadians and their drug that controls people.

To recap the first two books Jane Hawk worked for the FBI. She was married to Nick and they have a son named Travis. When Nick suddenly committed suicide it didn’t add up for Jane. She went rogue and started investigating his death and other mysterious deaths. She found that there was a group (high up in the government) who had developed a drug used to control people and make them do their bidding. Jane has been slowly finding the people in charge of the group and taking them out and finding out more details on the secret organization.

In the new book Jane is now on the hunt for Booth Hendrickson, who is high up in the Government and also on of the big people with the Arcadians. She devises a plan to capture him and torture him for information. After he figures out he is being set up and goes on the run, Jane is able to catch him and she has a sample of the drug and injects him when he won’t answer her questions. Once under he spills his guts and it all leads to The Crooked Staircase and a revelation that Jane never saw coming. It also once again forces her to go on the run (and it tells her who one of the next big people she needs to go after).

Also Jane’s son Travis who has been staying with the Washingtons has been found out. They have to take off and go to a secret hideout they worked out. Unfortunately the bad guys are on their trail and are set on taking Travis hostage to get to Jane. It leads to a shocking conclusion and sets up the next book in the series (which is already written and there is a sneak peek of it after this book concludes).

Jane Hawk is an exciting, kick ass character. She has brains, brawn, smarts and no bullshi* attitude. She knows she could die or be captured at any minute. She always has a plan and she will be damned it she won’t at least trie. All that matters to her is try and clear her late husband’s suicide (which was because of the drug), expose the bad guys and be able to raise her son.

For everything Jane does, you know it’s for the right reasons, even if it seems she is putting herself about the law. After book three I can say for sure Jane is one of the most exciting characters in years with a continuing story. With very few people to trust and a conspiracy that seems to be hitting the top of the government, it’s up to her to end it while she can. I for one will look forward to the next adventure and the one after that until Jane brings them all down!

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