Book Review: ‘The Couple At Number 9: A Novel’ By Claire Douglas

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

If you’re looking for a good psychological thriller this is the book for you. It has everything you will want…a twisty plot and well-written characters. It’s a book you won’t want to put down and perfect for book clubs or your outdoor summer reading spot. I really liked this book. Tom and Saffron have moved into a cottage that her Grandmother Rose use to own (who now has dementia) and now her mother Lorna owns. They’re expecting a baby and are re-doing the cottage and the grounds (it came with no rent for them). While the workers are digging up the back yard, they find 2 bodies buried, a man and a woman. This sets off a police investigation and the bodies look to have buried around 1980, when Rose lived there. Rose can’t always remember everything and as Saffron and Lorna investigate it leads to shocking reveals and truths. We learn Rose’s story via flashback chapters and learn everything that happened back then and why someone today doesn’t want the shocking truths to come out.

You can pick up The Couple At Number 9 in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from Harper.