Book Review: ‘The Codebreaker’s Secret: A Novel’ By Sara Ackerman

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

I love Sara Ackerman novels and her newest one does not disappoint. Another great historical fiction WWII novel and love story combined. You run the gambit of emotions as you follow along with these characters and root for the best for them. The year is 1943 and Isabel Cooper has been sent to Hawaii to work in ‘the dungeon’ and help break Japanese codes. She’s a codebreaker and pretty damn good one. She lost her brother Walt in Pearl Harbor and now has become good friends with his best friend Matteo. They hang out a lot and see the island and talk about Walt. They fall for each other but the war and a secret keep them apart. In 1965 journalist Lu Freitas is invited to the opening of a new hotel being opened by the Rockefellers. She meets Matteo there and they hang out and become friends and she slowly learns about his past and they have a connection, they soon discover. There’s also a missing singer and a body is found in a cave, that calls back to 1943. Matteo and Lu start to put pieces together and with the help of Isabel, they’re able to solve an old murder and new one and put the past behind them and start new futures.

You can pick up The Codebreaker’s Secret in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from MIRA.