Book Review: ‘The Cliff’s Edge: A Bess Crawford Novel’ By Charles Todd

WW1 is over, and Bess Crawford isn’t sure what she will do next. Then she gets a letter from her cousin Melinda needing a nurse to help out her friend, Lady Beatrice, who is having surgery, and will need a nurse in Yorkshire. Bess agrees to go and talk to her, but ends up being talked into staying for two weeks. When Beatrice gets a telegram that her godson, Gordon, is in trouble, she sends Bess to see what’s going on. Turns out Gordon was in an accident with his cousin Frederick, the fell off a mountain peak, and Fredrick has died, and Gordon is being accused of murder. Bess starts to notice, and hear things, and soon investigates all that is going on, even as another death takes place, and who might have wanted these people dead. It leads to shocking secrets being revealed, that could change the lives of everyone. Another good, suspenseful novel in the series. These Bess Crawford books are always great, and fans will love this one. This is the final Bess Crawford book from the mother/son writing team of Charles Todd, as Caroline passed away in 2021. I have love all their books over the years, and hopefully Charles will continue to write this series, and the Ian Rutledge novels. If not, thanks for all the great novels over the years.

You can pick up The Cliff’s Edge in stores on Tuesday, February 14th from William Morrow.

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